Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Winter Walk

Winter Colors

The forecast called for snow tonight, but I say rain.  The morning fog dragged on until evening keeping my little paradise well blanketed.  I had to get out of the house today to clear my head, too many projects, and too many ideas swirling around, and no clear starting place for my "to do" list.  Really, it's the perfect conditions for a walk down the hill, and I could no more walk down the hill without my camera than I could walk down the hill without my legs.  

Once upon a time, I really despised winter, cold, and grey, and dreary.  Perhaps I am look more carefully now.  Winter is not overtly beautiful like the spring, but there is a certain thrill to its beauty, like the thrill of finding hidden treasure.  Perhaps it is the austerity of winter that allows the subtle things to be so joyous.  There are subtle splashes of color, the sounds of church bells and chickens, the heavenly smell of  witch hazel, and a stillness that is so calming.    

In the Winter Garden

Witch Hazel...the most incredible scent

Still Reflection

Lichen and Buds

Boats Waiting out the Winter

Radial Symmetry 

A Close up View

The Long View

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Horsing Around

Horse Mask

At the request of one of my very loyal customers, I have been working on a horse mask for the better part of a month now.  I am so happy to announce that the mask is finally finished and in the shop!

There is quite a process involved in getting a mask out of my head and into the shop.  First I must research the animal and consider what features are essential for making a mask work.  Then I do a paper mock-up...this can take hours, sometimes days, and usually results in a large pile of "nope not quite right" papers piled up around me.  Next comes the first felt mask.  As I translate the pattern from paper to felt I make more changes.  When the mask is to my liking I "draw" the pattern digitally.  Depending on the complexity of the pattern I make a few more and write the instructions.  Once the instructions are written I illustrate the instructions and put all the finishing details on the paper pattern.  Pictures must be taken, models must be bribed, and editing must be done before FINALLY the pattern is ready for the shop!

I made the horse mask first in brown....

Horse Mask

Horse Mask

Then I got sidetracked and made a Dala horse mask...this pattern isn't finished yet, but hopefully by the later part of next week....

Dala Horse Mask

Dala Horse

Next I made a unicorn.  The horn stumped me for awhile, but when I finally decided to just give it a try, it turned out not to be so difficult after all.  The unicorn mask pattern will be in the shop, hopefully, by the early part of next week.

Unicorn Mask

Unicorn Mask

The black horse was the last mask I made, and I made it as I was writing the instructions....I really like the black horse.

Horse Mask

And that is all the horsing around for now...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Circle Skirt

circle skirt pattern
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I've spent the last week writing directions for a couple of patterns, this sweet little circle skirt and a horse mask (coming soon).  When it comes to the preliminary steps of a new design I am really on the ball, I love the initial patterning, I love the sewing, and I even enjoy the alterations, but when it comes time for the finishing work, the pattern grading, the writing the directions, and labeling the pattern...well sometimes I wish it was someone else's job.  So, I can assure you that I am very excited that this pattern is finished and in the shop!  

heart pocket

My daughter lives in leggings and skirts, she generally refuses to wear pants.  She LOVES new skirts.  This cute little circle skirt turned out to be a breeze to make!  It has a "lettuce leafed" hem and two heart patch pockets.  I am giving her the skirt for Valentines Day, though it won't be a surprise, but she doesn't seem to mind.  You can find the pattern in My Shop!  

circle skirt pattern