Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dragon Mask

I finished the prototype for a Dragon Mask last night!  I've had tons of fun with this one.  Yes, there are tons of pieces and lots of stitching, but the Dragon itself has so much personality, I've opted not to simplify.  The pattern is not quite ready to go into the shop, but will be soon.  I've set an April 1st deadline for fooling.  

Like all of my masks Dragon started off in paper.  The paper mask is where I work out most of the kinks before moving to felt.  

This afternoon the family and I headed to the meadow for a fiercely fun photo shoot....  

John usually spends his free time drawing dragons and other ferocious creatures, but this afternoon he had to have a turn with the dragon mask, too...

Papa Dragon


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring!

Though today is cold and overcast, I've seen early Spring's treasures...poking their heads up and stretching after a long winter's rest.  I've heard their promises that more will follow, and I wait patiently for the lively green mist that will soon paint the hillside.  

Hepatica stretching up towards the sun
Wild primrose 

Helleborus along my favorite forest path

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Snow Drops in the sun

Reflection of the sun in the willow branches

Spring Chicken!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Blank Canvas Potential

Staring at a blank canvas,  a white page unmarked, an uncut piece of beautiful fabric....all hold so much potential....all so inviting, but scary at the same time.  What is it about that first step beyond the recognition of potential that can leave the Maker daydreaming rather than doing? ... the fear of failure? ... the fear of success?  ... the fear of judgement?  If only the mind could be as clean as the canvas, open to all of the possibilities the "blankness" has to offer, and free of all of the fear.  Oh, to be able to practice unattachment to the outcome, and be fully present in the process of making.  Does a sprout hesitate before pushing up through the ground? ... While in the cocoon does the butterfly worry about its wings?  Today, I set aside my hesitations, stop worrying about perfection, get out the paints, find the scissors, and begin.  Today I "do" ... Today I "make."

Friday, March 1, 2013

Parent/Child Beginning Sewing Class

Parent/Child Beginning Sewing Class
March 5, 12, and 19 from 4:30 – 6:00
Vicenza Arts & Crafts Center 

This is an excellent opportunity for parents and children to share time learning a fun and exciting new skill!  Together, we will use the “rag quilt” method to create a one of a kind bag.  By sewing small pieces of fabric together we will create a large patch worked piece.  This method allows the beginning sewer to become very comfortable making a straight stitch on the sewing machine without worrying extensively about accuracy….though we will work on that, too!  With the idea of creating a patchwork bag in mind, I recommend using re-purposed materials, like old button-up shirts that no longer fit or are worn in spots, jeans work well, old sheets, or any scrap of fabric that you may have around the house. 

Online registration is available through WebTrac.  Registration is limited to 4 parent/child sign-up soon!