Monday, March 4, 2013

Blank Canvas Potential

Staring at a blank canvas,  a white page unmarked, an uncut piece of beautiful fabric....all hold so much potential....all so inviting, but scary at the same time.  What is it about that first step beyond the recognition of potential that can leave the Maker daydreaming rather than doing? ... the fear of failure? ... the fear of success?  ... the fear of judgement?  If only the mind could be as clean as the canvas, open to all of the possibilities the "blankness" has to offer, and free of all of the fear.  Oh, to be able to practice unattachment to the outcome, and be fully present in the process of making.  Does a sprout hesitate before pushing up through the ground? ... While in the cocoon does the butterfly worry about its wings?  Today, I set aside my hesitations, stop worrying about perfection, get out the paints, find the scissors, and begin.  Today I "do" ... Today I "make."

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