Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dragon Mask

I finished the prototype for a Dragon Mask last night!  I've had tons of fun with this one.  Yes, there are tons of pieces and lots of stitching, but the Dragon itself has so much personality, I've opted not to simplify.  The pattern is not quite ready to go into the shop, but will be soon.  I've set an April 1st deadline for fooling.  

Like all of my masks Dragon started off in paper.  The paper mask is where I work out most of the kinks before moving to felt.  

This afternoon the family and I headed to the meadow for a fiercely fun photo shoot....  

John usually spends his free time drawing dragons and other ferocious creatures, but this afternoon he had to have a turn with the dragon mask, too...

Papa Dragon



  1. Love this ferocious dragon! It's not clear who had the most fun, though--Dragon Papa or Dragon Junior! They both look so scary in the mask :-)! Love the shield, too! Did you paint it?

    1. Thanks! The shield and the sword are from Dragon Junior's costume stash. I think we got both of them on a visit to Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.