About Me

I am a self-diagnosed Creative Compulsive.  It all began in early childhood, drawing, painting, gluing things together, making doll clothes out of fabric scraps, and crocheting doll blankets.   Later I went to college where I studied costume design and did some drawing, painting, gluing things together, making patterns, making costumes, and was Queen of the dye vat.  I played costume designer/patternmaker professionally for a while, and then returned to school where I studied Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University.  When I was not studying, and sometimes even when I was studying (you should see my Anatomy notes!), I could be found drawing, painting, gluing things together, knitting and making quilts.  Then along came my bouncing baby boy and all academic life came to a screeching halt, but the creative projects continued.  These days I am Mommy to two amazing and creative children.  Now I mostly dream about the days I had time to draw and paint, but I do more gluing things together than ever before, make plenty of patterns and costumes, and take lots and lots of pictures.