Sunday, August 12, 2012

Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf

little red riding hood
Oh My! What a pretty red cape you have Little Red! 

Yesterday I finished a Little Red Riding Hood cape I made from the Hooded Cape pattern I have listed on today it was time for a photo shoot! 

little red riding hood cape

I started this cape two years ago when I taught my first capes class at the Arts Center.  It was mostly done, minus the clasp and the hem....slacker....I know.  

little red riding hood

My daughter has been really enjoying the Little Red Riding Hood story every since some of the parents at her preschool did a little Red Riding Hood reenactment so I was inspired to finish. 

little red riding hood and the big bad wolf

And since you can not have a Little Red Riding Hood without a Big Bad Wolf I decided to also make a wolf mask as well.  The wolf mask pattern is not yet on Etsy, but hopefully it will be soon!  

wolf mask

I am gearing up to teach another capes class at the Arts Center starting in late September.  Sewing capes was the very first class I taught at the Arts Center two years ago, and I am just as excited to teach it this year! 

little red riding hood costume

The kids and I had tons of fun taking these pictures!  Hope you enjoy them. 

little red riding hood costume