Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fabric Printing Class, Week 1...Leaf & Apple Prints

how to make apple prints

You know when your last minute preparations for the first week of class included wandering around the yard looking for interesting leaves and buying a bag of apples, it's going to be a fun class!  In the yard I found, ivy, ferns, oak, fig, and wisteria leaves, turns out the class favorites were the wisteria and the fig.  We printed on 49 cent tea towels I found at IKEA and some plain place mats, also found at IKEA. 

One of my favorite things about teaching is seeing all of the creative things my students make!  They were all working with a very limited number of shapes, but everyone's  unique style was clearly expressed in color choices and composition.  

Apple printing is a fast and fun project!  The most challenging part is cutting the apple in half, and the end result is so fun and lovely.  In the absence of actual apple leaves one of my students fashioned "apple leaves" from cut up fig leaves for this lovely design...

apple print

Off to teach week two...stencil...very exciting!!!


  1. It looks like all are having too much fun! Wish I could take another of your classes.