Friday, August 31, 2012


the original lemur with the original lemur hat
 It all began with a discussion with my favorite "almost-teen" about The Golden Compass series and what our daemons would be if we could have daemons.  A lemur suits her so well.  A couple of days later when I pulled out my lady bug hat pattern to finish, I got completely side-track and ended up with a lemur hat pattern instead!  The lemur hat was very well received. Turns out the hat was popular with the younger crowd as well, and yesterday we had round two of lemur hat production.  I had a lot of fun choosing colors for the second round of hats!  All summer long my children have followed said "almost-teen," and she has taken it all so well, it seems only fitting that their daemons might take on a lemur shape, at least for a while, just so they could spend more time playing with her. 

Subdued lemurs

their true nature

hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil....or I'm not listening, I won't tell you, and I'm hiding from you.

YEAH! The crazy lady with the camera said we can go!

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