Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Zoo Animal Masks: Part II, Sun Bear

hand made mask

Creating masks for a recent local zoo animal themed show was tons of fun.  As it turns out, my Sun Bear mask design was more local zoo than I first realized.  Pictured below is Sasa, the Sun Bear.  Little did I know, Sasa's mother over zealously cleaned her ears as an infant and as a result, Sasa has tiny stubs for ears....and since this was the photo I used as a reference, so does my Sun Bear mask.  

sun bear

sun bear mask

bear mask
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hand made mask

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Zoo Animal Masks: Part I, The Caracal

handmade masks

Recently, I had the opportunity to create zoo animal themed art work to place in an up coming exhibition. After dusting off my mask making skills, I got to work!  


The inspiration for my first animal mask was a Caracal, a medium sized cat found in Africa, the Middle East, and parts of India. Caracal have absolutely amazing ears, all the better to hear you with....and really fun for mask making!

caracal mask

And while the Caracal was incredibly fun to make, the urge to make a Punk inspired Caracal was overwhelming.....mask number 2 was created. 

punk rock mask

Using different materials was inspiring, and thinking about different types of stitching to complement the look was oddly challenging, but ultimately freeing...I've worked really hard have neat, regular stitches  

handmade mask

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bouncy, Happy, Labrador Mask

Labrador Mask

Introducing the hot off the press, Labrador inspired, Dog Mask PDF Pattern!  It's been awhile since I've made a new pattern.  This one comes from a customer request! You can find the pattern in the Etsy shop!
Dog Mask

Puppy Mask

Labrador Mask

Dog Mask

Dog Mask