Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Raccoon Mask

rocket raccoon mask
OxeyeDasiey Raccon Mask
Today is the Raccoon Mask's premier in the Etsy shop!  Yes, we did see Gaurdians of the Galaxy, and yes, we are Rocket Raccoon fans, and yes, it may have influenced the decision to make a Raccoon Mask!  Fun, fun!  Hope you enjoy the new mask!  

Fun for girls....

raccoon mask
Raccoon Mask
and boys (of all ages)!

raccoon mask
Raccoon Mask


  1. So I have officially completed my stalking cycle. I think we were separated at birth. We now have to be friends or I will have to make it weird. Well weirder. Also kudos for making blogspot your bitch. I actually think it hates me.
    On a one woman mission to make all of your patterns. Now, back to my shame cave to find my dignity. Gush over.

    1. Zoe, oh, I had such a good chuckle. Sorry, I have been hiding out and not blogging....but maybe I'm coming out of hiding and will be back to posting?! Hope you are still enjoying the masks. I'e been stalking you back....we could be friends...but probably weird friends.