Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy (belated) Summer Solstice

 Yes, I know I am 2 days behind, but if you had any idea what I've been through to create this post...
Lago di Fimon
             I arrived in Italy 4 years and 2 weeks ago, with a 3 year old boy and a 2 month old baby girl.  My first outing in Italy, with both children was on Summer Solstice 2007.  I packed the kids in the station wagon and headed out to find a lago di Fimon.  I knew the general direction was South.  What should have been a 20 minute drive turned into a 2 hour, "Where in the hell am I?"  4 years later I still have no idea how I found the lake, and every once in awhile while exploring some back road I realize, "Hey, I've been here before!"  The actual road to the lake is very well marked and very easy to find, if you know what you are looking for, don't have jet lag, nursing brain, a screaming baby, and a whining 3 year old.   After a couple of nursing breaks we finally found the lake.  I wrapped baby girl up in her wrap, grabbed the picnic lunch in one hand and the hand of the boy in the other and headed out.  There is a lovely walking trail around the lake, it takes about 45 minutes for an adult (without children) to walk around the entire takes a lot longer with a 3 year old.  We got about a quarter of the way around that day.  We ate our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the hot Italian sun and fell in love with our little lake, which turns out is literally just down the hill from our house.   I've spent countless hours at the lake in the last four years, walking with friends, walking with kids, walking with visitors, and walking with the camera.  I have enjoyed the lake in every season, and I doubt there will be another Summer Solstice that passes where I don't recall our first trip to Lago di Fimon. 
After viewing literally a thousand pictures of the lake I finally decided on a little photo "show"  I've decided to call "Reflections on Lago di Fimon."  Four years with Four seasons have been whittled down to a photo for each month where "reflection" plays an important role in the composition.  

June 2010 "Never to Be Mistaken for Ugly"

July 2008 "Fisherman in Red"

August 2009 "Sailboat and Lilly Pads"

September 2010 " Here Come the Swans"

October 2009 "'O' What a Lovely Reflection!"

November 2010 "Fall Reflected"
December 2009 "Yellow House in the Snow"

January 2011 "Winter Sky"

February 2009 "Flooded Fields"

March 2011 "The Boat Dock"

April 2009 "The Encounter" 

May 2011 "Reflecting on the Lake" 


  1. I love the selections. It's a good thing I didn't have to vote on a favorite. FOUR YEARS of being in Italy! Amazing.

  2. Daisey, you're amazing. I always enjoy your photographs and feel special that I may see your surroundings through them. Happy Summer!

  3. Fantastic photos. Really have yourself a good eye. As for it being late ... it's never too late to celebrate a solstice or equinox, as far as I believe.

    Welcome to a brand new season.

  4. Thanks all you lovelies. It was fun to look back over the last four years, and as an added bonus my pictures are now in some sort of order! I suppose it fits into the every celebration should be 3 days rule!

  5. What a lovely tribute to Lago di Fimon. You never told me that story. Pretty hilarious knowing where the lake is compared to your house, but understandable given your situation at the time.