Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Joy of Pre-Spring!

A Post in 3 Acts...sprinkled with flowers. 
Hepatica nobilis

Act I:  YEAH! I Lived Through Another Winter!
I am not known for my cheery disposition on Winter time.  Sure, I love the Winter Solstice, and celebrate with my own particular flair.  However, the reasons for my Winter Solstice joy are fueled by the fact I know from that day forward the days are getting longer, and soon enough February will arrive.  And why do I love February? Because here in bella Italia the first flowers start to bloom and I know I've made it out of Winter and into the season I like to call Pre-Spring. That is ...on every other year but this one!  So when I headed out on my traditional Mid-February walk-through-the-woods/flower-assessment I was left wondering...Where the Heck Are All the Helleborus. 

Helleborus viridis

Act II:  Where the Heck Are All the Helleborus!
In other places (where it snows) snow time activities keep me preoccupied until Spring.  We had only two very light snows this year, with not enough snow to make a run down the sledding hill. We did, however, have a lot of very cold weather in January.  This cold weather kept my Pre-Spring favorite from showing itself for 3 whole weeks later than normal.  

I am fascinated with the unassuming green flower, Helleborus. I get a little giddy when I spot the first one of the year.  As Pre-Spring advances into Spring I track the Helleborus from full bloom to its fully ripe seed pod...a very interesting looking seed pod, I might add.  And on my various treks through the woods through out the year I smile as I past my known Helleborus stands.  Mid-Feburary I saw NOT ONE Helleborus...I was saddened but not panicked.   By the end of Feburary I had only seen three small clusters....doomsday scenarios running through my Vitamin D deprived brain.  But then like magic... we have a delightfully warm, sunny week and by the time Friday rolled around my friend was back in full force!  Pre-Spring is finally here *large sigh of relief*. 

Snowdrop, Galanthus

Act III:  Where in the Helleborus Has Creative Compulsive Been?
Oh, I've been creating plenty.  But the Vitamin D deprived brain does not like to share.  A brain without D thinks things like...Who cares anyway, there are plenty of other people posting on plenty of other blogs, you don't need to bother with have some more chocolate...better not type on the keyboard now, you have chocolate on your, licking your fingers and then typing would be gross....just go eat more chocolate.  
So I've been busy with my little projects, and eating lots of chocolate, and perhaps now I'll be doing some make-up sharing.  Because NOW, I've seen the light... literary...the Vitamin D flows again, plus all those endorphins from actually getting out and exercising...and I haven't had a bite of chocolate in a whole week!  A brain bathed in Vitamin D likes to share, thinks it is participating in a community of others who like to share ideas and experiences, and above all, thinks blogging is fun.  

And now, some more Snowdrops for your viewing pleasure...

 And a final Helleborus for now...


  1. Beautiful.
    But...are you okay up on that hill?

  2. I'm good, it's all good, happy to be headed into Spring.