Monday, July 2, 2012

Wee One's Tee-Shirt Dress

tee shirt dress
I indulged Girl Child's request for a "shirt like Nikki's." Basically adhering to the steps of the tutorial for the 15 minute tee-shirt top, I added a few fun details....

 The flower patch on the front of the dress was created by picking some Queen Ann's Lace, rolling some fabric paint over it, and then pressing it onto a piece of old white tee-shirt.  The patch was sewn over the design that was on the original tee-shirt.  

tee shirt dress
The patch pockets on the front of the dress are made from the discarded sleeves of the tee-shirt.  The hem of the sleeve is used as the top of the pocket. 

The instructions of for the 15 minute tee-shirt top call for cutting off the bottom hem, but I decided just to leave it attached.  I thought the dress could use the extra length.  Without the hem to use as the tie, I used a simple white ribbon.  The ribbon is fashioned to tie on both sides.  Before she wears it again I am going to stitch the top casing to the ribbon so it doesn't continuously side around.  

tee shirt dress
Girl Child loves the dress, it's nice and cool, which is a good thing,  temperatures were over 100F today! 

Always check your model's hands before beginning the photo shoot!


  1. Your baby girl is toooo cute! She's quite the little model. Too cute, too cute, too cute.

    1. I think she is cute, but I tend to be a bit bias ;o)

  2. So sweet, both the dress and the green handed model. Love it all!