Saturday, October 27, 2012


fire mask
I am not sure what the "fire" appeal is with 5 year old crowd, but we seem to have a trend, at least in my family.  When my son was 5, it was "Fire Bull" with the scorpion horns, and now my daughter is 5 and she had invented "Fire Squirrel" with the flaming acorns.  
I recently finished Fire Squirrel's fire mask and fire cape.  We took a couple of pictures today, but the weather was not really cooperating.  It was just to dark and drizzly out to take any action shots.  
fire cape and mask
I worked on the tail for Fire Squirrel today, and we are finding that having a tail and a cape is a bit tricky, the cape may have to be saved for some other fire superhero.  So now, I have to finish the tail, and work on the ears...Fire Squirrel is nearing completion!  
fire mask

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