Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fit for a Fairy....the Petal Coat and Hat

Last winter I drew a sketch of what I began calling the Petal Coat.  I loved the little sketch, but ended up making a different coat last year instead.  I finally got around to making the Petal Coat, and I am quite pleased with the results, as is my model!  I think it is the perfect marriage of classic and whimsical.  The coat also goes very nicely with the Petal Hat, a pattern I designed a few years ago and just recently graded to fit the current size of my happy little model.  

The coat comes down to about mid-thigh.  It has sleeves that roll up, so hopefully we will get more than one winter's wear out of it!  

I made some decorative leaf stitching on the hood.  Though the stitching is subtle, the impression of the leaf is well made.  

The coat has cozy pockets to keep small hands toasty. 

I would like to say that the pattern will be in the Etsy shop soon, but I haven't even begun to grade the pattern yet.  What I really need are some elves.  Elves that are good at grading patterns and sewing samples in different sizes...and writing directions.  I think 3 or 4 elves would be plenty. 


  1. You are very creative, just like Cindi said (your mother-in-law) I am Cindi's first cousin, nice to meet you!

  2. Popped in to say howdy. Hope all is well on your end.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

    1. Howdy Ivy! All is well, just haven't been here very often! Hope all is well with you.