Friday, May 17, 2013

The Stitch with the Odd Name

fagoting example
Hawk Mask with Fagoting

Fagoting (or faggoting), fagoting stitch, or fagot's a beautiful decorative stitch with a rather odd name. Fagoting joins two pieces of fabric together, but leaves a small gap to highlight the decorative crisscrossed or parallel threads of the stitch. Examples of fagoting can be found on Victorian garments, laces, knitted pieces, and on women's garments from the turn of the last century.  Perhaps a less than traditional use, above it is used to piece together a hawk mask!

There are a variety of different fagoting stitches, here this is how to create the one used on the hawk mask....

How to do Faggoting

1.  Knot one end of thread.
2.  From back to front, push the needle through the fabric at point "A".
3.  From back to front, push the needle through the fabric at point "B".

4.  Run the needle behind the thread and up through the fabric, from back to front, at point "C".

fagot stitch

5.  Run the needle behind the thread and up through the fabric, from back to front, at point "D".

fagoting stitch

6.  Continue in this manner, running the needle behind the thread and pushing the needle up through the fabric from back to front.

Despite the odd name, fagoting a fun and easy stitch that can add lovely detail and visual interest to a variety of projects.

Hawk Mask

The Hawk Mask is available from OxeyeDaisey Patterns and Design on Etsy.


  1. Lots of talent you got yourself there, Chickie.

    Hope things are going well for you guys. Any spring flower pictures ready for us to see. I'm been snapping them up with my new groovy Nikon dSLR - I love this camera.

    Anyway, wanted to say howdy. Howdy.

    1. Howdy! I've been away from blogging. Thank you for your kind words. I hope to see some of your flower pictures!

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  3. Hi, great instruction on the fagot stitch. I was watching Project Runway last night and saw them do this stitch so I wanted to know how.

    1. Glad to hear you found the tutorial useful! Such a fun stitch!