Monday, July 22, 2013

Putting Inspiration to Use!

art nouveau iron work

All that inspiration from my trip to Ljubljana was channeled last night.  The pictures I took of the wonderful architectural detail I loaded on to my Kindle as an alternative to printing them out...that printer uses so much damn ink. Normally, I use the time after the kids go to bed to do a little hand stitching, but last night I got out the Kindle and the sketch book instead. The picture above was my starting point.   And below is the little sketch....

I enjoyed the sketch so much I delayed going to bed...always a good I could see what the sketch would look like as a repeating pattern. Here are the results...

art nouveau surface design
This is my favorite, with the pattern offset. 
art nouveau surface design
This is my daughter's favorite.
art nouveau surface design
This is my son's favorite.
What do you think? Lots of fun in the making, perhaps I'll try another this evening!  


  1. I love the first pattern.....glo

    1. Thanks, Glo! and thanks for taking to time to let me know! I appreciate it!