Monday, October 14, 2013

Leaf Elf Hat

Confession time...I'm a sucker for elf and fairy costumes....I know shocking, right?  So, when the children were too young to protest what I wanted them to be for Halloween, I dressed them as elves and fairies.  Part of my son's Leaf Elf costume was the Leaf Hat.   I managed to talk my daughter into a fairy costume this year, and have revived the Leaf Hat.  But before we move on to the current hat, just one more picture of the cutest little elf and fairy....I can't help myself....

elf costume

Moving ahead 6 Halloweens....

elf hat
Yep, still a sucker for kids dressed as elves and fairies.  I graded the Leaf Hat Pattern and now have it in the shop!  The original Leaf Hat got tons of play time, my son used it not only when he pretended he was elf, but also for Robin Hood and Peter Pan.  I'm sure the new one will be loved as well.  

Robin Hood Hat

fairy costume

elf costume

Now to finish the rest of her Halloween costume!