Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Fairies DO Visit!

One day my daughter arrived home from preschool REALLY excited that fairies had visited her friend. I learned that, apparently, if you leave beautiful pictures for the fairies they will leave you a present.  Her friend received a book from the fairies.  This took some quick thinking on my part, but I explained that her friend lived in the city and city fairies could bring books, but we live in the country, and country fairies make their gifts. Good enough, she set to drawing....

Over the years the fairies have visited several times.  They have brought decorated rocks and shells, leaf hearts, hazelnut fairy heads, and even a magic wand.  Gifts are always made from natural materials found around the yard and woods, and sprinkled with "fairy dust"...which makes them extra magical.  The fairies do not give gifts for every picture. Fairies do not leave gifts when it is raining or snowing, they can't fly in the rain and snow.  They are also unlikely to bring gifts during busy times, for various reasons, like helping animals hibernate, changing the colors of the leaves, or painting butterfly wings. There is  much excitement when the fairies DO visit.

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