Saturday, March 22, 2014

Herbivore vs. The Mask Maker

Bunny Mask
Rabbit Mask

Ahhh, the dilemmas of the mask maker. I've made several animal masks,  most recently, a Bear Mask and a Rabbit Mask, simultaneously.  The simultaneous making of the Bear and the Rabbit highlighted one of the challenges of mask making.  We have forward facing eyes.  Our forward facing eyes make masks of carnivores and omnivores less challenging than those of herbivores.  Herbivores have spent their time on the evolutionary food chain with their heads down munching grass.  Their eyes are on the sides of their heads so they can munch away and still be on the lookout for what may eat them.  Eyes on the sides of the head present a special challenge for the mask maker. When you put forward facing eyes on an animal that otherwise would have side facing eyes they go from a sweet little bunny to vicious bunny...dare I say "evil bunny"... if you aren't very careful. 

And now pictures of the Bear and the Rabbit.  You decide, vicious or cute? ....

Grizzly Bear Mask
Bear Mask

Easter Bunny

Grizzly Bear Mask

Easter Bunny

Grizzly Bear mask

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