Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Vernal Equinox!

It has been a rainy week, skies painted with dark and dramatic clouds.  Today the sun shone!  And all the flowers who had grown plump in the rain, turned their faces to greet the sun.  To me Spring is like Mother Nature's creative streak gone wild.   I love it all, the sun, the rain, the colors, the smells, the sounds. I hope all of the creativity is contagious!  
I spent the first day of Spring outside enjoying the beautiful sunshine with my lovely family.  
Happy, Happy Spring!!!
Anemone stretched out in the sun
Really interesting Fungi

She is feeding baby birds with her fingers...seems fitting.
Fruit trees blossoming over Monselice 
Daffodil  basking in the sun


  1. Cool fungi! You should take a spore print and see what they are!

  2. Happy Spring to you as well. We celebrate it as a holiday weekend and I love it. Wishing you lots of warm sunny spring days.


  3. I love your pictures. We've got our windows open, and I'm listening to the birds making all kinds of springtime noises. The daffodils haven't started blooming here yet, but there are a few buds on the trees.

  4. C'nor, I wish I knew how to make spore prints on these fungi! They were very interesting, and I got the impression that they may have released their spores when they opened, but that's just speculation.

    Ivy, love to hear about the Spring Holiday! Big fan of seasonal celebrations.

    Russell, you have had a much colder winter than we have had here! We got off light on the winter and have had an early spring. Hopefully the trend doesn't indicate a hot summer!

  5. Hi Daisey: Just popped in to say hello. Today was sunny but cold. Nice though. Hope the sun is bright by you this week.

    Still no flowers by me. But as soon as I get my sewing room cleaned, I'm rewarding myself with heirloom seeds for my veggie garden.

    That's about it from me. Just wanted to pop in for a little hello and how'd ya do.

  6. Ivy, hope you have flowers soon! We have peas up in the garden. Get that sewing room cleaned! You have a garden to plant!

  7. Hey Daisey: Saw some flowers on the ride home last night. Not our yard. Peas ... Yum. The sewing room got finished last night. So nice. Well, storage room/sewing room. But still nice.

  8. Hey Ivy, started back to school and have been neglecting my blog! Can't wait to see what kind of projects come out of the now clean sewing room!