Thursday, March 10, 2011

Picture Perfect Day

Primula vulgaris -Wild Primrose 

After weeks of a house full of sickness, everyone returned to school and work and I had the morning to myself.  I left the dishes in the sink, grabbed the camera, walked right past the pile of laundry, and headed out into the sunshine.  Late winter is one of my favorite times here in our cozy little hilltop home.  The trees are still bare. Last fall's leaves still carpet the ground. But, the years earliest flowers are in full bloom, beckoning me to bask in their beauty....the harbingers of Spring, Glorious Spring!  I hope their captured images bring as much joy to you as the making of brought to me!  

Helleborus viridis -  this is one of my favorite have to look carefully or you might walk right by it!  Hellborus and Primula are the very first flowers to bloom here.  
Hepatica nobilis
The Hepatica is plentiful in the hills in early March!  
Erythronium dens-canis
I only saw a couple of these with pink petals.
I just love these little lilies. They always remind me of marshy field I saw one Summer Solstice that was covered in Glacier Lilies...different color, but they conjure the memory all the same.  
I don't know what this is , but both the birds and the bees loved it!
....and the olfactory delight, none other than the Hyacinth in our yard.


  1. Ohhhh, Hyacinths. What a wonderful smell. Great post. Loved seeing the flowers. Can't wait for ours to pop up.

    Happy Day and Eat Well.

  2. Beautiful, Daisey. I appreciate that you identified all the flowers. I saw lots of Hepatica on our walk yesterday.