Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Watercolor Wednesday: Week 3

This week I broke out of my comfort zone, a little, to paint something other than flowers.  I painted from a photograph I took of a lizard my son rescued.  The lizard fell in the fountain in our yard and was struggling to get out when Super Boy came to the rescue.  Other than the usual challenges of drawing hands, the painting was straight forward.  I hesitated for a moment before removing the resist from the lizard's spots, I really liked the way the pigment pooled around the resist.  

But, in the end, I didn't know how the resist would hold up being left on the paper for a long period of time so I took it off.  I am not unhappy with the end results....but those little rubbery bumps of resist were fun lizard skin. 

I thoroughly enjoyed drawing and painting my son's hands ... seeing how gently he cradled the lizard ... seeing the dirt of a hard day of play ... seeing the dirty uneven fingernails of a happy childhood.  

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  1. Go you for breaking out of your comfort zone.

    Well done :-)

    1. Thanks, Ivy. I started reading "Guitar Zero" about learning to play a musical instrument at age 40. The author mentions how if you don't push your self beyond what you are comfortable doing you will never improve. So then there is a choose, stay comfortable or expand your week I'm thinking trees.