Sunday, December 2, 2012

10 Super Duper DYI Holiday Gift Ideas...Idea #10

Personalized Jelly Jars Glasses

fimo clay glasses

 We have granite counter tops, tile floors, and two children....we go through a lot of glassware.  I started saving these cute little jelly jars.  Thanks to all those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, they quickly accumulated in the cupboard. As it turns out the little jelly jars make the perfect, kid-friendly size of glass.  To help combat the urge to grab a clean glass with every trip to the water pitcher, I needed a way to "personalize" our little jelly glasses. 

fimo clay project

This summer, while friends were visiting, we had a Fimo-clay-project-afternoon-extravaganza! It proved to be the perfect opportunity to experiment with making different fun shapes to glue on the glasses.  

Here is what I learned....

       The glass you are gluing to needs to have a flat surface.  
       Find a glue that specifically lists glass as one of it's "stick to" surfaces. 
       The back-side of the shape should have a nice flat surface, for optimal "stickability."
       Turns out these glasses are totally dish-washer friendly....they have been washed thousands of times at this point.  
       And best of all, this is a project the whole family can get involved with!

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