Friday, December 14, 2012

Super Duper DYI Holiday Gift Ideas...Idea #7

Painted Terracotta Pots....

My children and I love to paint flower pots!   They make lovely gifts.  Some times we put blooming flowers inside the pots, some times we plant spring bulbs or seeds, and some of the pots I use as storage containers. In the pots pictured above we will place poinsettias and give them as gifts to the children's teachers.  

Here is what you need:

         Terracotta Pots
         Acrylic Paint
         Paint Brush

     other things that are helpful:

         Two Cans
         Scrap Paper

     fun things to add:

        Other Embellishments

Begin with clean terracotta pots.  Consider covering the area where you will be working with newspapers or other scrap paper...this can get a little messy.  

Paint a base layer on the bottom portion of the pot.  It's always nice to have a friend to help.  

Once the base layer has been painted let the paint dry.  

After the base layer is dry you can begin painting your pot.  It is helpful to place two cans on either side of the pot to free up your hands for painting.  

Brushes work great for large areas, but Q-tips work better for adding smaller details....especially for small hands.  

I like to paint a solid color around the top of the pot, it give a nice, clean, finished look.  Paint the inside of the upper portion of the pot.  There is no need to paint the entire inside of the pot.  However, painting the top portion of the inside of the point looks lovely once the plant or dirt have been placed in the pot.   

Here are some pictures so pots painted in years past...

I painted these snowmen.  Inside I placed spring bulbs!  

The children painted these last year for their teachers.  

I love hand prints!  This is one my son painted many years ago.  It sits high on a shelf and contains dangerous Sharpies!   

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