Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fairy Wings

Perhaps it's my costume designer background, perhaps it's my own love of flowers, perhaps it's my admiration of the illustrations of Cicely Mary Barker...whatever the reason, I love to make fairy costumes...

My daughter's first Halloween, I made her a Campanula (Blue Bell) Fairy Costume.  The same year I even managed to talk my son into a Leaf "Elf" costume.  My daughter was wingless this year, but my son had what he called "dragon wings."  They both loved my Monarch wings.  I made the Monarch wings several years ago.  They are the standard wire and pantyhose wings with a layer of Mod Podge for durability and some paint for the orange spots.  

Everyone Loves a Fairy's Wings

Chubby Baby Campanula Fairy
My daughter's second Halloween I made a Burgmansia (Angels Trumpet) Fairy Costume.  Her wings were made of floral tape covered wire and pantyhose.  They were very cute, but did not hold up well.
Brugmansia Fairy and Binkies
Brugmansia Fairy and Flower

For her third Halloween the family all went as Super Heroes.  She was "Fairy Tale."  This was the first year I made wings from craft foam.  The technique worked great and two years later she is still playing with the wings.    
Fairy Tale with Fire Bull
Fairy Tale

Last Halloween, not only did I get to make her a another fairy costume, I taught a class on how to make Fairy Wings and tutus.  There many little girls who experienced the joy of a handmade Fairy Costume. 
This is the Beautiful work of one of my students
Created by one of my students this Fall!
The sample I made during the class was sent to my niece, so we got to spread a little more fairy love around.  
My daughter modeling her cousin's Halloween costume!
Ready to Trick-or-Treat!
The directions and pattern for the fairy wings can be found on my Etsy site.  


  1. Those costumes are awesome! Incredible work.

  2. Thanks! It certainly is fun work! And it is fun to watch all the daily use as well. Dressing up is highly encouraged around here!

  3. Oh, most excellent! Fabulous wings to fly...