Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Tail" Me Something New

The Tale of Two Tails

No New Tail to Tell

The Tale of Tails

Tail it like it is

The puns seem endless...

I am strongly advocating the wearing of a tail. Feeling a little goofy? how about a monkey tail. Feeling a little sassy? how about a cat tail. Feeling mighty? perhaps a tiger tail. I feel as strongly about the whole tail thing as I do about my husband and his "team" wearing capes to work. What, you can tie a piece of brightly colored cloth around you neck, but you can't sport a Monkey's Tail or a Super Cape? Break free of your oppressive rags and have a little fun. I suppose it's a good thing I had children. They care not about style and fashion, only about the character.

Make your own Tail:

  • Cut a strip of polar fleece 4” wide and to the desired length. The pictured Monkey Tail is 22” long.

  • Fold the strip in half (so it is now only 2” wide) with wrong sides together and stitch at ½”.

  • Cut a piece of 3/8” elastic 7” long, or shorter for less curling.

  • Using a zigzag stitch, stitch the elastic to the seam allowance (between the raw edge and the line of stitching), stretching the elastic as you sew. You will see the tail begin to curl as it passes through the machine.

  • Stitch the curled end closed. I made a curved seam, as to not have a squared off tail.

  • Turn the Tail right side out.

  • The tail will look way too curly at this point, don’t worry….

  • Stuff the tail, I used scraps of fabric, but you could also use stuffing.

  • Attach the tail to a fleece covered piece of elastic, a ribbon, or create a Velcro “loop” at the top of the tail and attach it to a belt.

  • Wear your tail with pride….or at least make one for a child you love.
Tails go great with Animal Hats!


  1. Ummm. . . . yeah, I'm not real sure about capes or hats for adults, especially at work :) You feeling okay over there?

    Love the tails, nonetheless.

  2. All new fashion trends seem absurd at first...we are still NOT well...maybe it's just the fever talking.