Saturday, February 5, 2011

Finishing is the Hardest Part

My Monkeys, Sock Monkey, and Lisa
In the beginning of December I had a strong start. Sure I had created a L-O-N-G list of projects for myself to finish, but I could do it, I was Energized! Mid-December rolled around and though I was making progress a little bit of reality was beginning to sink in and I crossed some of the more outrageous stuff like, building a puppet theater for the children and puppets to go with, off the list. Unfortunately by the time Winter Solstice hit I realized some things, even on the priority list had to be postponed. This was the point where mailing packages fell from the list. Oh, I had good intentions...I'll just get through Christmas Day and then get right back to work...I'll just wait until the kids are back in school and then get right back to work...I'll just wait until the end of January when I've rested a bit and then get right back to work.

When the first of February hit I began to feel guilty. One of the things I had put off finishing was a present for my 4 year old niece. For both of my children I actually finished robes and pajamas and matching things for their beloved "Monkey" and "Baby Lisa." I started the same for my niece, but when the mailing packages fell off the priority list her Christmas present went into the ominous "Pile."
Chirstmas Ornament Robe

Baby Sized
I am quite pleased to announce that yesterday I FINALLY finished! AND not only did I finish I also mailed the package! Hopefully my niece will be too distracted by the candy I included in the package to wonder why she is getting a Christmas robe for Valentines Day. (and I also mailed all the calendars I made...oops, guess those should have gone from March to March instead of January to January) I would like to think that I have learned my lesson and next year I will set more realistic goals for myself and start a lot earlier, but I know won't. Such is the life of a Creative Compulsive Procrastinator.

In the end I even finished a pair of Fairy Slippers to put in her box as well!

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  1. ok i'm reading this having just made an executive decision that your solstice box o' treats from here is now officially beyond tardy and is instead a seed for next year's offering.... hmmm.