Friday, July 8, 2011

Finding the Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy has been weighing heavily on my mind for over a year now.  My son is 7 and he is bound to loose a tooth eventually.  Luckily for me he has held on to them this long.  I made a tooth fairy last fall, but it was a "girl," which is not cool according to the 7 year old.  So for over 7 months I have been meaning to make a "boy" tooth fairy.  I've been actively looking for the original pattern I made for over two weeks now.  Today I finally did it...I took the plunge and started...dare I say it...organizing!  Surprise, surprise, I found the tooth fairy!  Hopefully soon she will have a male companion to keep her company.
The little exercise in organizing brought to light the fact that I have made over 36 patterns this last year, putting my average at just over 3 a month.  Of the 36, I have written and illustrated instructions for 12.  And how many have actually made it to the Etsy shop...well, right now there are only 2.  I guess finding the tooth fairy is not my only dis-organizational issue!
the illusive tooth fairy...I think she is pretty in pink


  1. Oh, I think she's just perfect! Can't wait to see the boy Tooth Fairy. . . hmmm.... are there indeed boy fairies?