Thursday, July 21, 2011

L'Orto Botanico Dell'Universita di Padova

In the center of lovely Padova, or Padua as the English call it....
...there sits the University of Padova's Botanical Gardens.... 
...a very inspiring place, indeed. 
I wanted to return with my watercolors and a pad of paper... preferably in the morning, when the light is at just the right angle and the air is fresh and cool.    
  I wanted to dig out all of my herb and flower books and brush up on Latin names and common uses.  
  I wanted to rush home and make leaf and flower inspired hats and skirts.  
 I wanted to sit for hours with a nice soft Ebony pencil and draw the lovely curves of a vine. 

 Instead I took pictures, which as it turns out, I am also very happy to do. 
And instead of playing with watercolors, pencils or fabrics I opted for adjusting lights and contrasts....
 ....color and saturation....
 ...and playing with various filters.  
How divine are the angiosperm with all their amazing color and diversity...
 ...the monocots...
 ...the dicots...
  ...and all their wonderful pollinators. 
 The whole family found something to enjoy.  There were carnivorous plants... 
....tropical plants....
 ...frogs in the lily ponds...
  ...and sweet smelling roses.  

 Love, love, love. 
 When in Padova, if you have the opportunity, I recommend the Botanical Gardens, and if must leave your pencils and watercolors at home, at least bring your camera!

 As an added bonus, with all that time I saved not making any drawings, paintings, hats, or dresses, I had plenty of time to amuse myself with making funny statue pictures. 
Abracadabra - Ala-Ca...ZAMM!

"Hold still!  I am just to my favorite chapter."


  1. I love the photo of Rosa and the lily pads! Perfecto! (Is that Italian or Spanish? Or maybe just English with an accent? Hmm.)

    I wish I had a naked cherub to hold my books while I read. That's JUST what I need! I wouldn't wrinkle my frocks while sitting to read anymore.


  2. Great pics Daisey! I also like the Rosa lily pad shot and what a good shot of you at the tavola with the fam.
    When did you visit there? I would like it! You'll have to investigate the butterfly place too.

  3. Amber, We went about 3 weeks ago. I think you would love it there!

    Kerry, I think every librarian probably needs a naked cherub to hold her books :o)