Sunday, July 3, 2011

Man Apron

Our resident grill master, Ol’Smokey Beard, needed an apron to protect his lovely attire, hold all of his grilling accoutrements, and free his hands up for other things.  Father’s Day was the perfect opportunity to present Ol’Smokey Beard with the finest Man Apron I could conjure, complete with full manly coverage, lots of handy pockets, and soft green velvet apron strings.   

 Happy Father
 A pocket for his ipod and his timer...sometimes he works on art work, so there are some pencil pockets, too. 
 Grillin' Maniac. 
 The Book Pocket for all his finest reading material.
 Ol' Smokey Beard in action.

One happy man.


  1. I think a whole suit in that pattern is in order. ;)

  2. I told him it made him look like my idea of a fourth dimensional being :o)

  3. You know ... I was thinking last night. If Johnathan had another one to wear as a cape, and he could be Apron-Man.

  4. That's hilarious! I've been trying to talk him into a cape for awhile now.

  5. Oh man, I for sure would like to see Apron-Man in action. So funny.

  6. Ivy, I've been thinking about Apron-man...grill master by day..turns the apron around...Apron-Man by night. Now if I could just get him to model it for me