Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Joy of Making Birthday Presents

Recently we were invited to the Birthday Party of a 3 year old friend.  My children were very excited about a trip to the toy store to buy present,  however, I had something different in mind.  After inquiring about what our young friend would like for her birthday (anything girlie or princessie), I remembered all the time she  spent playing dress-up the last time she visiting our house.  I decided to make her a tutu.  My children were NOT excited about this idea, after all I had just nixed their trip to the toy store.  My Bouncing Boy decided to hang out with his father, but Baby Girl choose to go with me to the fabric store.  I let her choose the colors for the tulle and the ribbon.  She was very excited to help, and the toy store disappointment quickly faded.  While I put the tutu together the children drew some really beautiful pictures for their friend.

No-sew Tutu with knotted ends, embellished with ribbon roses and a headband and necklace to match!

The children thoroughly enjoyed the Birthday Party.  When it came time to open our present the first words out of my son's mouth were, "My mom made it!" proud as can be.  Our young friend LOVED her tutu and matching headband and necklace.  In the end the missed trip to the toy store was forgotten and my children were just as excited as our young friend.  I really hope that I pass along to my children my feelings about presents....

Happy, Birthday Ballerina! 

Finding a present for someone is always fun, but making a present for someone is an extra-special kind of fun!

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