Sunday, October 23, 2011

Phase Two

During Phase One my son and I were working on a 1950's space inspired costume.  We worked for a couple of days on a paper model and then he came home from school with this....

He decided that instead of the Buck Rogers / Flash Gordon type, he would rather be a robot that wears a mask.  A month passed, I was very busy taking online classes.  Yesterday Bouncing Boy and I FINALLY moved on to phase two of our project.  We tweaked the mask just a little bit; made the eye hole a tiny bit bigger and moved the breathing vents up to where his nose and mouth are.  Examining his design closely, I was really impressed with one of his "technical" solutions.  In order to help the mask not slide down he had cut little pieces out that fit over the ears, "like sunglasses!"  We kept that little bit of genius in the final design!   He decided on the colors, blue and black with a red jewel.  We worked out together where to put the blue and the black and the jewel.  I cut the mask out of craft foam and taped it together just to make sure we had everything just right.  

Bouncing Boy really wanted me to paint the jewel so it looked "like it sticks out."  With his excited approval I painted the whole mask "like it sticks out."  

Today we glue it all together and work out the details to the rest of the costume.  I love collaborating on costumes with him.  He is full of fun creative ideas, and he is really good at listening to other ideas, too.  
While Bouncing Boy and I were busy with the mask, Baby Girl entertained herself by making "shoes."

You gotta love the creativity, but good grief what a MESS!
Stay tuned for Phase Three!

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