Thursday, October 20, 2011

The View From the Clothesline

 I love to take my camera with me to the clothesline.  Perhaps it has something to do with the view.  This was the view from the clothesline the second to the last time I took my camera out....

The clothesline is right next to the garden so if I have my camera with me I stop and take some shots there too..

 It makes me feel happy and peaceful.  I enjoy hanging out the laundry and taking lovely photos on beautiful days.

 Two days ago was one such lovely day.  I was happily hanging out the clothes when an insect caught my eye.  I decided to run back inside and grab the camera.

When I returned the insect was gone.   I hung the camera up on a little hook near the garden and finished hanging up the clothes.

This morning I needed the camera....then I remembered where I had left it....panic hit when I looked out the window at the pour rain....
All hope was not lost, after all, this is the camera that survived a fall from the top of the car on to the road (it's spent the last two years held together with purple duct tape).  I took the battery out, set the camera near the heater to dry and went off to teach my watercolor class.  5 hours later, when I put the battery back in, the camera made a little noise.... my hopes shoot through the ceiling.....then the screen came on....I felt like I'd escaped disaster....then the burning smell started....I tried to quickly remove the battery....then came the loud, startling *POP*....the camera went flying out of my hands, through the air, and landed on the floor, the duct tape popped off and the battery fell out...the camera she is dead.  *sobbing*


  1. Oh no! So sorry to her this. I thought this story was headed to a happy ending, not a possessed camera.

  2. I still have it drying out, hoping for a resurrection.

  3. It had a good life. It took a lot of great pictures. You should bury it in the backyard beneath the clothesline.

  4. I agree with Russel. And then go out and buy yourself a new one! Cuz I am loving these pics! Wish we had mantises (or is it just mantis even when plural...? I dunno) here too. They are so cool. Instead we just have these big nasty hornets that fly around at night.... Hope the bats get them.

  5. Oh no! That's like loosing a faithful friend! But if you've had a secret desire to this is a good excuse. Reminds me of the commercial from a couple of years ago of a guy that left one of his tools "accidentally" behind the car, oops, it's broken...I guess I'll have to get a new one! :)

    I like the burial can go visit it where it gave its last fateful sacrifice for the love of photography and beauty. Sniff!