Thursday, December 1, 2011

December First?!??!!

Partridge in a .... Pine Tree....well it really isn't much of a tree, more like a pine bush.  

I just can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that it is already December.  I thought perhaps the holiday ornaments class I taught yesterday, or the kids ornament class I taught this evening would help push me over the edge into holiday mode, but no such luck.  Two very different, but great classes.  I had a fun time teaching both of them, but I feel no more ready for the winter holidays than I did earlier in the week.  It's not that I'm in Scrooge mode either, I've been there before, and I am definitely not there.  I think perhaps I am just stuck in early fall.  There are still leaves on the trees.  Are there always leaves on the trees in December?  Maybe, I just need it to snow or to have one of those really great frozen fog days.  Maybe it's because we were in Florence for Thanksgiving and we didn't eat turkey or pie.  Maybe, I need it to snow while I bake a turkey and some pie.  But until then, I will keep churning out the winter crafts and hopefully my mood will catch up with the calender.
Despite my disbelief that it is indeed December I managed to get patterns for these three ornaments up in the Etsy shop  today...tomorrow a snowman stocking is on the work list.  


  1. Always well done, on your crafts. If I lived where the trees still had fall leaves, it wouldn't feel like winter to me, either.

    I always go by the trees and the animals. Never the calendar.

    Enjoy your fall.

  2. These are lovely. As always your creativity certainly is refreshing and brings a smile to my face. The birdie is too sweet. Don't worry about the mood it will happen with the decorations, lights, and the wonderful cooking done with small children in the house. Today I was trying to get in the mood remembering when my kids where home waiting for Santa's appearance with the children helping decorate, clean, and getting into the spirit. It is hard to do that when no children are about. The old decorations bring back pleasant memories, but I long to share this experience and memories with loved ones. It is a anthropological dig of my time as a mother remembering times when the children were too sick to even open their present, staying up all night just to get the face painted on a newly birthed baby doll, putting together a vehicle for children to ride to their future, or building a kitchen all complete except the imagination of the users. On and on it goes. Love Mom

  3. Ivy, trees and animals sounds like a good plan. I think a trip outside with the camera might help. I just need Rosa to get well!!!

  4. Mom, Thanks for sharing all the fun memories :o)
    Holidays are fun with children, the excitement is contagious. Rosa made a present for you yesterday.

  5. OMIGOSH THESE ARE AMAZING!! I'll take all of them!! :D hehe! I love the holidays!

    Your blog header is to die for!! What a super fun blog! Can't wait to return!

  6. Thanks, Jen! Welcome! Hope to see you back soon!

  7. Cute stuff! We're a little slow here too. Thankfully we got up the tree, and it's one that has the lights already attached. Still no ornaments on it yet though. Christmas seemed to come screeching in here too. Still lots of trees a golden yellow. It's cold and dreary here today though, so maybe I'll get in the mood. I remember well the freezing fog in Germany and the magical world left by rime or hoar frost! What I really need to get in the mood is a good Christmas market and Gluehwein...we can buy the same brand I've had in German markets here on base, but it just isn't the same without seeing your breath and warming your hands on the mug!