Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Painted Flower Pots

Last winter I painted terracotta pots to look like snowmen heads.  Inside the pots I planted spring bulbs,  some with daffodils, and some with hyacinths.  Left indoors the bulbs bloom early and Spring flowers get to be enjoyed a little bit ahead of the game.  The pots were painted with acrylic paint, a little glitter was added, because....well you really don't need an excuse to add glitter.  A green velvet ribbon hat band was glued to the pot and a bow or flower added for a little extra holiday cheer.  There is something extra fun about watching flowers emerge, grow, and bloom inside when it is still too chilly for spring flowers outside.  

This year I let the kids paint, they love to paint flower pots.  It is an activity we normally enjoy doing on the Vernal Equinox, but this year I gave them pots to paint for their teachers as Christmas gifts.  Once they were painted we placed poinsettias inside the pots.  It is my hope the children grow up understanding the joys creating and giving handmade gifts.  

I have saved a few of my favorites Equinox pots the kids created.  They remind me of fun times as well as make handy storage containers.  I keep them up on a high shelf with really dangerous objects stored Shapies.  

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  1. Love the snowmen pots and the idea. The children pots are nice to and mothers would love these special treasures. You are better than Martha Stewart but you have not been to jail.