Friday, December 2, 2011

Rock Stars

The "Compulsive" side of Creative Compulsive was in full swing today.  Baby Girl has been sick for over a week now, and as it turns out "fretting"  feeds compulsive behavior.  We had 45 minutes before we had to leave for our second visit to the doctor this week, and Baby Girl wanted barrettes that matched her outfit.  She likes to wear her hair in what she calls "puppy ears."  Puppy ears with barrettes is her new favorite.  The only problem is she doesn't have many barrettes because her hair is so fine it won't hold them.  But puppy ears with barrettes works great.   Busy myself and make sick child happy, you better believe I was going to make barrettes.  

We agreed upon "Rock Stars."  She picked out the fleece color and the bead color.  We used a cookie cutter from her kitchen to trace the star shape.  After sewing on the beads I did a blanket stitch around the edge.  We added a little stuffing to make, in the words of Baby Girl, "Puffy Rock Stars."  I sewed the Puffy Rock Stars to metal clips.  While I sewed she drew pictures of Rock Stars.  

Happy Baby Smile is good for the heart.  We were even almost on time for our Doctor's appointment!


  1. Puppy ears. Fantastic. Feel better kiddos.

  2. Thanks, Ivy. She is feeling better as of yesterday, but now the other one has it! I can't stand it when the babies are sick, especially when they won't eat!

  3. Sweet.
    I hope she and her big brother are feeling better!
    Visited the little store yesterday... mistake as 500 pushy women were there at the same time!

  4. It can be a busy place, especially on a Saturday. Did you find what you were looking for?