Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Spring Day in the Meadow

Just a 5 minute walk from our house is a beautiful little meadow.  With a picnic lunch and magnifying glasses in hand we head to the meadow.  On the way down the hill we pass the olive trees and the fruit trees that are bursting with blooms.  We walk past a small vineyard where the grape vines are still naked, waiting for even warmer, longer days. We walk down the cemetery road, my son reminisces about how this is where he learned to ride a bike.  Just beyond the cemetery is the meadow.  The children are at first surprised by how short the grass is.  Last time they were here they played hide and seek in the tall grass.  Short grass is not so good for hiding, but it is really the best for finding....

Once full bellies are rested a bit, a game of Monster in the Meadow is in order. Little monsters scatter, running and shrieking with glee as the big monster chases and tickles them. 

Monsters of all shapes and sizes love to play in the Monster in the Meadow.
 When the monsters settle down a little bit we find the magnifying glasses and look for details that spark our interest. 

The children lose themselves in the intricate details of the trees that boarder the meadow.  

There are whole worlds waiting to be discovered in  the spring blossoms.  

I, too, lose myself in detail of the meadow. On a warm spring day there is plenty of time and space to ponder the beauty of the spring flowers, the  modesty of an oak tree, hanging on to it's leaves all winter, and the symmetry of mating insects.  

As we are packing up and heading home my son asks if he can give the meadow a hug...of course you can hug the meadow. 


  1. You captured our lovely day so very well.

  2. Very nice, guys. Beautifully done. Thanks for sharing and boogie boogie.

  3. Thanks, Ivy. Hope you are enjoying Spring, too!

  4. It is a celebration and big holiday for me. It is my New Year. And yes, enjoying it a lot. Even on semi-vacation.

    Have a wonderful season.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.