Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's Bright Green with Dandelions.

About 9 years ago John and I found a decent couch at a near by thrift store.  It was light-blue and cream striped.  We borrowed a friends truck and toted it home.  Shortly after Bouncing Boy turned two I decided the couch had seen better days and decided to recover it.  I found a great brown with light colored polka dots. I painted the wall a lovely color of blue and was very happy with the brown couch.  Our current house does not have a lovely blue wall.  This winter everything got a little too brown for my liking and I decided we needed a little color in our home...or a lot of color.  Today I finally finished the new cover! Our thrifty couch gets another make-over and lives to see another year.  

...that was then...
...this is now...

Couch tester approved!
And now I'm off to make new pillows...and perhaps think about changing the art on the wall...


  1. I really, really like this. I wish I could be so brave and cover my couch in bright green dandelions ... I'm working toward it :)

    Hey...pick up your camera and join in the "where I live" series. Next theme is doors, to be posted this Friday.

  2. Love the new look. very refreshing. I have chickens to cover mine but I can't stay indoors long enough to do it. The couch tester is what really makes this special. miss you all bunches.

  3. Love, love the green couch! How in the world did you sew this?!!! So talented. You have to keep the picture up. It goes perfectly with the new color.