Thursday, April 26, 2012

Visit to Parco del Sojo

Burrowing Owl,  by Serverino Morlin, 2005
Perched on a hilltop, just outside of Covolo di Lusiana, you will find Parco del Sojo.  With over 80 sculptures created by artists from around the world, Parco del Sojo is an exciting blend art and the beauty of the natural world.  Trails wind across the hillside with sculptures sprinkled through the landscape.  

Looking out across the valley
Parco del Sojo was featured on a of the fold of one of the brochures I picked up a couple of years ago at a "get to know the Veneto region" fair.  I was immediately intrigued, but it wasn't until this Spring that the timing worked out and we were actually able to visit.  As we winded our way up, up, up into the hills I was very excited.  I absolutely love this region, it is so beautiful, especially in the Spring.  

Female Heads by Severino Morlin, 2004
There is a small parking lot near the cemetery in Covolo.   The remaining journey to Parco del Sojo is made on foot.  Just up the road, past the cemetery is a sign marking the path that leads to Parco del Sojo.  Just a few meters after the path begins the first sculpture is spotted.  Sculptures are located throughout the park, some blend in with the natural surrounds, while others standout in contrast.   

The Gnome by Serverino Morlin 2005
The trail leads up hill to a small cluster of buildings where visitors to Parco del Sojo can purchase admission tickets, for a very reasonable 4 euro.  Visitors receive a map of the park, which includes the names and locations of all of the sculptures.  

Seeds by Gianluca Morlin
On the day we visited Parco del Sojo a dark rain cloud rolled in and it began to sprinkle.  We sought shelter from the rain under the porch where we purchased our tickets.  Here we meet Gianluca, and learned a great deal about the history of Parco del Sojo.  Gianluca's brother, Diego Morlin purchased the land that is now Parco del Sojo just over a decade ago.  Together the two brothers, along with their father, restored historical buildings, created sculptures, and recruited sculptures from all of the world to create what is now Parco del Sojo.  

Divine Hands by Severino Morlin, 2006
After the rain subsided we finished our tour of the park and said our "thank yous" and "good-byes" to Gianluca.  We took an alternate route back into the little village of Covolo, equally as beautiful as the walk in.  We had a lovely visit, well worth the drive!  We hope to return again this summer.  

Satyr by Severino Morlin, 2000

These whimsical rocks were a big his with the wee ones. 

This was one of my personal favorites, created with rusty nails and wire. 

View through the basket. 

Bonus Carnivorous Plant!

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