Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's November! Time to Pick the Olives...


The beginning of November marks the start of olive picking, at least here in the Veneto.  This year the olive crop was plentiful, which was quite a relief after the sparse crop last year.  The fog and rain rolled in as the calendar changed from October to November, so the first few days of picking olives were very much on the damp side.  Regardless of the dampness there is something so satisfying about picking olives.  Each year we are fortunate enough to spend time helping, I revel in the olive picking.  There is something timeless about it.  

Picking Olives

Large nets are spread out over the ground, and the olives are raked or pulled off of the branches and onto the nets.  

This was the first year both of my children were interested in helping.  My daughter spent over an hour pulling olives off of low branches and placing them in a crate.  My son was interested in more daring forms of picking that involved climbing the trees.  

I know we won't be here in Italy forever, so I am glad the children are old enough to help and be a part of this experience.  I hope it is something they will remember fondly throughout their lives, I know I will.  

Freshly pressed olive oil is AMAZING!  Last year I went to see how the olive oil was pressed from the olives.  If you are interested you can read all about it HERE.

olive in the fog

I have included a few more "damp" November pictures from around the yard.....

One Wet Grasshopper

Golden Brugmansia

Drops on the Nasturtium Leaves

Drops on an Autumn Rose



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    1. Thanks, Ivy! Olive picking is one of my favorite things about being here...who knew!

    2. Sounds like a fun thing do to.

      Yes, I've been baking. I just did a post about peanut butter and chocolate chip scones. Then I baked doggy treats. Very fun.

  2. Lovely photos, Daisey. I love the Golden Brugmansia...both the picture and the fact that you know the name of the flower ;)