Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Adventures of Fire Squirrel and Zombie Hunter

halloween masks
Fire Squirrel and Zombie Hunter

"So what do you want to be for Halloween?"  is a question that gets asked very early on in my house. The children are encouraged to create characters of their own; there is a lot of evolution in this process. This year they finally settled on Fire Squirrel and Zombie Hunter. I've asked them to tell my readers a little about their characters.....(their responses have been slightly edited to remove all of the ands and umms)....  

steampunk hat
A little robot on the hat let's Zombie Hunter know when zombies will attack. 

Introducing Zombie Hunter....

"Zombie Hunter is part of a team that includes, Werewolf Slayer, Vampire Tracker, and Mummy Buster.         They save people from zombies, werewolves, vampires and mummies. I wear a mask to disguise my face.  Half of my face is all red, except for my eye. One night, right at midnight, I saw a zombie in the middle of the road. I braked, but crashed into the zombie anyway. In the car accident, parts of the window fell and hurt my face. After the crash I noticed a mysterious gun, cape, and mask in the trunk of the car. I put the mask on and it healed my face, but my face is still red under the mask. I used the gun to kill the zombie that was in the middle of the road. Now, I hang out in the graveyard until about midnight, that's when the zombies start to come out."

steampunk mask
Zombie Hunter looking very Steampunk 

fire squirrel
Fire Squirrel and her bushy squirrel tail

So, tell me a little bit about Fire Squirrel....

"Fire Squirrel is a squirrel with fire all over. Her super powers are flying and helping. If there is a fire she gets a hose and a ladder. Fire Squirrel climbs up the ladder to rescue people and animals. She sprays water so there is no more fire. She can do anything she wants to do.  
Fire Squirrel can make cookies without even cooking them. When Fire Squirrel goes into the dark woods to look for hazelnuts, she finds tons.  She makes her hazelnuts into cookies. Fire Squirrel does a giant jump up and catches an owl. Owl and Fire Squirrel share three or four cookies. Owl decides to live with Fire Squirrel and they become super friends."     

fire mask
Fire Mask!

squirrel costume
Without her mask you can see her little squirrel ears

squirrel costume

"So what do be next year for Halloween?"......"I want to be Fire Eagle!"....."I want to be a leaf Fairy."
.....and so the planning begins.  

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