Friday, November 2, 2012

Sugar Skulls and a New Tradition

sugar skulls
This Summer I bought a pink, vintage coat from the thrift store...  
Somewhere between the heat of Summer and a couple of weeks ago, I decided that the coat would look stellar with a sugar skull pin, so I set to work on Sugar Skull Number One.

sugar skulls
Sugar Skull Number One
Sugar Skull Number One was super fun to make and in the process I did a some research on the Day of the Dead.  Upon completion, my son requested that he also have a sugar skull, so I set to work on Sugar Skull Number Two.   

sugar skull
Sugar Skull Number Two
After completion of Sugar Skull Number Two, my daughter had to have one as well, and so Sugar Skull Number Three came into being.  

sugar skull
Sugar Skull Number Three
Both of my children attend Italian public schools.  November 1, All Saints Day is a national holiday here, and the children are out of school.  Having the children home from school for a holiday I know nothing about spurred a little more research into the origins of the Day of the Dead, All Saints Day, All Souls Day, and Samhain.  Though none of these holidays are traditions that I grew up with, I really like the premise of celebrating and remembering the dead, so I decided my family should have our own little celebration.  

simple sugar skull cake

My daughter and I made a little sugar skull making fun of our cake, she is 5 and we had a really fun time decorating the cake...yes, they are gummy bear eyes.   While we made the cake I talked to her about my grandmothers, her great-grandmothers.  I told her about what kind of women they were, what it was like when they were growing up, and how great their hugs were.

After dinner we put a candles on the cake for each person my husband and I knew who has passed from this world into the next.  It felt good to remember and talk about all of the people who we love, but are no longer with us.   They are not forgotten. 

We have a new family tradition in the making....and all because of a pink, vintage thrift store coat.  


  1. i'm very happy to have found your blog .i made your wolf mask and was very succesful with it My son has 4 daughters.He immediateley asked me if you'd other patterns .I'm used to sew and make all sorts of crafts but i was really surprised how precise this pattern is.I learned about you on "Balzer Design Handmade Art" she made it for her husband.(she is in New York my daughter met her in Chicago!!!and i'm french living in Paris .I was very pleased with the result.Thank you .Y.S

    1. It is so nice to hear you found the pattern so easy to use and successful. I read the blog post on Balzer Design, her mask turned out very well, so fun that your daughter has met her. Welcome to the blog, always happy to have new readers!