Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kitty Angel

bird wings
Kitty where did you get those pretty parakeet wings?  
OK, I couldn’t help myself…this costume was the brain child of the class combo ideas I had for my upcoming classes at the Arts Center.  This costume combines the Little Critters class (September 21 &28), where we make animal hats and tails, with the Fairy Wings and No-sew Tutu class (October 5 &12).   

cat angel

I had a conversation with one of my students at the Arts Center yesterday about a costume’s wearability.  It is easy to find cute kid costumes, but the challenge is actual getting the child to keep the costume on.  I am a big supporter of costume pretend play and think the more time a costume gets played with and worn, the better.  With my own children I have found that costume pieces that fit over or accessorize their own clothes are the costumes that get the most playtime.  Hats, tails, wings, and tutus get a LOT of playtime in this household!

cat hat

The Kitty Angel costume is currently hanging in the Arts Center window and when it’s time on display is finished it will be sent to my lovely niece for Halloween, who, as it happens, loves kitties and the color green!  The model in these pictures has also requested a black kitty hat and tail.  For her birthday last year she received a white kitty hat and tail, and I’ve heard it is so popular she has even been known to sleep in it, which absolutely tickles me!  

cat costume
Best Lil" Kitty Friends!


  1. Beautiful! Did you make them from cardboard? Thanks.

  2. Thanks, Charlene! The wings are made from sheets of craft foam.