Friday, September 2, 2011

Beach Bag Basics

Designing projects for students just learning to sew is not without it's challenges.  There needs to be just enough challenges so there is an accomplished feeling when the project is complete, but not so many challenges that frustration over runs the sense of accomplishment.  Last Wednesday I finished teaching a "Beach Bag Basics" class that I think was a big success!  I am so proud of my students! They worked through their challenges, and we managed to keep frustration to a minimum. In the end, everyone had a fabulous, finished bag!  (Just don't ask any of them about the knotted handles...I may have been in a bit of trouble over those!)  Check out all of their lovely creations and a few of the creative changes they made to the bag!  

These handles are creatively re-purposed curtain ties!    
Such fun details were added to this bag, there is a small polka-a-dotted ruffle trimming the top of the pocket and a great gingham bow! 


  1. Several of the fabrics were from IKEA. Does the US IKEA sell fabric?

  2. Great job. Go you. Very cool. I haven't been to an Ikea in well over a decade, must be or so. Don't remember if they sold fabric. But I do remember they had a nice size cafeteria that served gourmet foods. And I also remember the Ikea was so big and took a billion years to walk through.

    When I lived on the east coast, we used to have a great little shop called the Rag Shop. They had a lot of pick through fabrics at that store. Found some great goodies.

    Congrats again on the great work teaching.

  3. Ivy, got to love the quaint little fabric shops. I use to work at a great independent fabric shop when I lived in Colorado. Independent fabric shops are increasingly harder to find. I recently started following the blog of a women who owns a fabric shop in Denver. She is living my dream...well at least one of them any way.

  4. I want my bag!!! Go to the post office!!!

  5. Really, I would love to go to the post office, but there are all these other things to do first...