Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tying the Knot

In the center of the tattoo on John’s upper arm is a Celtic knot.  One morning 9 years and a few months ago, I was studying the knot as John slept, thinking that Celtic knots would make such beautiful quilt patterns.  And so an idea was born.  I designed a quilt, intended to be my wedding gift to John, using the knot on his arm as the central design and a boarder of another knot design.  
John and Me with Judge Waters

The quilt was pieced together by machine, but having tendency for really grand ideas, I decided to ask my friends to help do all the quilting by hand.  I inherited a quilting frame from my grandmother and decided this would be the perfect opportunity to break it in.  However, at the time all of my friends and I were in our 2nd year of an extremely rigorous Naturopathic Medical program at Bastyr University.  We shared one really great day of quilting, but reality hit and we all had to get back to the books.  So the quilt sat. 

9 years ago today John and I were married.  We had a very small court house wedding.  The most “stressful” part of the day was spent picking wildflowers for corsages and my bouquet.  It was a lovely, beautiful, and very joyful day.   John and I stood in front of Judge Waters as he explained to us that he does not tie slip knots.  I thought of the knot on the quilt and really wished it had been finished. 

After we were married, the quilt continued to sit.  Eventually I ended up sending it to one of my mother’s friends who finished the hand quilting and binding for me.  We received the quilt back from her in time for our second anniversary, and has been on our bed ever since. 

The "New" Quilt and Our Sweet Bouncy-Pouncy-Rollie-Pollie  Baby Boy.
Perhaps tattoos are a bit unconventional for quilt designs, but in the end it all seems so perfectly fitting.  Celtic knots with all of their ins and outs, ups and downs, twists and turns of infinite loops seem to me the perfect symbol for marriage. And like quilts, marriage too, grows softer, more comfortable, and lovelier with time.  

Happy Anniversary My Love.
9 Years Later...The Quilt Drying on the Line


  1. Congratulations you two!! Best wishes for many, many more. This is an entirely beautiful story.

    BTW . . .R is not much of a blog reader (mine included), but I directed him to this post. He's such a softy, but you did bring tears to his eyes with your words :)

  2. Congrats on nine years of marriage. You guys are a great pair. Excellent quilt, as well.

    Tim has a Celtic knot wedding band and mine is Celtic heart strings.

    Love those. Love the quilt. Great work.

  3. That's beautiful, Daisey, and what a great metaphor for marriage!

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