Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lady Bug

I teach three Halloween Costume classes at the Arts Center, a super cape class, an animal hats class, and a fairy wings/ tutu class.  My goal is to make the classes as open ended as possible, and encourage students to use their imaginations and make something unique.  This year as I made samples for the classes I wanted to illustrate how the classes could also be used together to create a costume.   I created  Ladybug costume samples for each of the classes.   I added black spots to a red super cape, antennae and spots to an animal hat, and some black spots to simple red wings.  
Little Lady Bug Hat

Super Cape becomes Super Ladybug

Grouchy Little Lady Bug!

Wings and Tutu...Somebody got a little crazy with the glitter paint!

Tutu with a simple "apron" added over the top.


  1. Can there ever be too much glitter paint? I don't think so. Looks fantastic. So so fun.

  2. Adorable! Especially the grouchy photo. :D

  3. Thanks! I'm kind of partial to the grouchy photo, too. She is usually such a good sport, but it was really hot this day and her allergies were bothering her and she was NOT in the mood!

  4. Cuteness! My neice would be adorable in an outfit like that...which would probably garuantee she wouldn't put it on.

  5. Love this, Daisey, especially Super Lady Bug. I hope the classes are going well for you. Let me know if there is ever anything on a Saturday or an evening.
    PS.Good to see you last night.

  6. Thanks Dana and Trey. Around here, we are fans of Lady Bug Girl by Jacky Davis and David Soman, it's a really great book!

    Dana, good to see you last night, too!