Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Winter Is Coming...Get Out Your Crochet Hooks!

Remember the crochet lesson back in early July?  Well, as it turns out, those few stitch my mother taught me, along with learning to read the short hand of crochet pattern writing, lead to the great success that is My New Hat!  After the crochet lesson I was very excited about the possibilities, so I did an image search for crochet hat patterns. The search lead me to the Baara Retro Hat Easy Crochet Pattern from CrocheTrend on Etsy.
The things I love about this pattern: "easy" is in the name of the pattern and it truly was easy, despite the easiness of the pattern the hat still has loads of style, that Retro look, and even with my inability to count and fully understand all the concepts in crocheting I still was able to successfully complete the hat!  There was a moment of panic when my mother looked over my shoulder and said, "Did the pattern say to crochet from the back?"  Once she explained that what I was doing would make the stitches not quite as tight and would add more texture I just kept on going.  I love texture, and let's face it when you have sooo many unfinished projects floating around in your head it adds girth to the ol' noggin, so the loose stitches (and all those added stitches because I can't count) turned out to be just perfect.
No, it did not take me over a month to finish the hat. It took 3 nights of watching Sons of Anarchy, because crocheting and biker gangs go so well together.  It just felt a little odd posting about winter hats in August, but yesterday on my walk I looked out across the hill and realized there was just a hint of yellow in some of the leaves, I realized fall will be here before you know it...and inevitably Winter Is Coming. 


  1. Beautiful!!!! Oh, and the hat's real nice too ;).

  2. Nice, Daisey.
    But sorry. . . WINTER is not coming. Nope. Not yet. No way.

    I created a FB page for my blog, and then started receiving all sorts of spam comments. I'd like to see if the same happens to you . . .


  3. really? Did you undo the FB page? I am really enjoying blogging, I just would like to reach a greater audience.

  4. I still have the FB page . . . just haven't put it out there. I moderate comments on the blog, so I am able to delete the ones that don't automatically go as spam.


  5. The crocheting and biker gangs comment got me laughing pretty hard! Love the hat!

  6. Thanks Ivy!

    You know, Sandi, I was just looking at google searches that brought people to my blog and one was "sons of anarchy patterns crochet," that's pretty funny!

  7. Thanks, Amber! Crocheting is my new homework therapy.