Friday, August 26, 2011

Arrivals and Departures

This week has been a whirlwind of activity.  And where there is activity, creativity follows.  Right now I am going to put aside the stories of all the finished and half-finished projects of the week and focus on two biggies, the long awaited arrival of Maria and the departure of our good friends, as they leave our lovely hilltop for the Azores.  

New babies always bring a flurry of project ideas; luckily I was given a bit of focus by my friend, and then expectant mother.  In the process of renovating an old farm house here in the hills, she discovered a bag of wool.  She had the wool cleaned by a man who at one time made wool mattresses.  I am still sad I was too busy to be a part of this process; I find the whole thing fascinating.  She asked me if I would make a wool-filled nursing pillow, of course I was very excited by this idea.  Several years ago I made a pattern for “Boppy” covers for another friend, fortunately I keep the pattern.  So from the “Boppy” cover pattern I created the wool nursing pillow and three covers, a practical and pretty gift.  On two of the covers I FINALLY used some of the organic cotton I purchased last summer.  I was saving it for a special occasion, and without a doubt Maria’s arrival was just such the occasion. 

Nursing pillow and covers just waiting...and waiting...
Welcome Sweet Maria!
            I suppose the departure balances our scales.  We are all very sad to see our friends moving away, but happy for the great opportunities it brings to their lives.  My son has taken it all very hard.  He has a very close bond with his friend who is leaving.  They both started Italian pre-school together when they were 3.  They went through all 3 years of pre-school in the same class, this last year went to first grade together, and they have spent countless hours playing together.  I suggested he make a little book with pictures from some of their good times together and to draw pictures of either other good times they shared or pictures just for fun.  This really helped shift his focus from being sad to remembering all the fun things they did together.  I helped him put the pages of the book together and he picked out all of the photographs and drew pictures for each page.  His drawings included the two of them on a speed boat, riding a giant eagle, and playing together at school.  Projects definitely have their therapeutic value, he stopped sobbing and was really excited to give his friend the gift he created for her.   
It's a bit hard to see, but this is the speed boat page.  In the photograph they are eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at the lake.  

This was the envelope he made for her.  All of the broken hearts make we want to cry.  


  1. I just read this, sweet lady. enjoy these days together, and keep helping little ones through it. thinking of you all.

  2. Ok, so I couldn't ignore it any longer though I tried. And yes, trying to hold it together. That book is so special and makes me sad/happy every time I look at it. Amelie asks me every other day when Bear is coming to visit.

  3. Bear keeps asking when we are going to see Amelie, too. He has become obsessed with the fact that she has a pool now. And Rosa wants to know when we get to move to "Portucul."