Monday, August 15, 2011

Super Princess

I just finished this year's sample of the Super Princess Cape and Mask for my upcoming class at the Arts and Crafts Center.  I am so lucky to have such a willing model.  She even helped pick up the box of beads and sequins I spilled all over the floor just so I would hurry up and finish!  
 The Super Princess cape is the Super cape with an added ruffle on the bottom and a heart and flower embellishment at the neck for extra Princess-ness.
the Princess Cape back

the Princess Cape front
On this cape a used a polka-dotted cotton organza for the ruffle and the lining.  Organza is a very sheer fabric so on the lining I actually used two layers, one of the organza and one layer that is the same as the outer fabric.

 All of the capes I have designed have an emblem for the back.   This one got pretty fancy, but appropriate for a Princess!
My Super Princess!


  1. Everything about this is beautiful. Congratulations.
    I also think that the photography is fabulous, too. Did you use a prime lens?

  2. Thanks Ivy!

    Dana, I am just using the normal lens, but I have been having a bit of fun with things using different film filters in photoscape. For these pictures I used "Film effect- Provia- low. Honestly, I know nothing about lens. I would really love to take a photography class!